Mabrook! Mazal Tov!


What is needed for the Berit Milah

   (25) 2x2 Inch Johnsons &Johnsons Gauze Pads

   (2) Tubes Triple Antibiotic Ointment

   Baby Powder

   Cloth Diapers

   Regular Diapers


   Pacifier (if he takes it)

   Kiddush Cup

   Sweet Red Wine

   Besamim (perfume/pleasant smelling plant)




*please ensure that baby is fed approximately 1 hours before the Berit Milah. This will ensure that he is hungry after the Milah and feeding him will calm him down.

First 2 days after Milah

There are 2 bandages. One is wrapped around the milah 7-10 times and needs no care. It may unwind slightly. You may cut the excess off the bandage or wrap it back around.

The gauze on top of the milah should be replaced at each changing with a new gauze pad by applying a circle of cream with triple antibiotic ointment on the gauze and placing it on the milah. (If one forgot to put the ointment there is nothing to worry about, just put at next changing)

*For Shabbat please prepare gauze with ointment from before Shabbat (preferably) or have a (non-Jewish) nurse prepare it on Shabbat.

Continue this for 2 days until the Mohel removes the bandage.

Next 2 weeks

At every changing put ample baby powder.

If belly button has fallen off While bathing the Milah rub foreskin downwards. After bath, apply powder only ointment is not needed any more.

It is normal to have a drop of blood in the area, as long as it is not oozing

If the baby is very cranky you may give him 0.2 of Tylenol

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call at any time (including 2:00am)


Thank You,
Rabbi Eli David